nan li

Nan Li

BA Business Administration Studies, MA German Language Studies

I was born and grew up in the centre of Beijing’s old town. Over ten years ago, I made my way to Germany, where I live today.

My background:

Along with German Language Studies in China and Business Administration Studies in Germany, I am also trained in classical music and possess an additional qualification in Event Management.

As a globetrotter between East and West, I have obtained many years’ experience in intercultural management with well-known businesses and organisations, such as the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and PriceWaterhouse Coopers Consulting, in Asia, the USA and Europe.

After consolidating my theoretical and practical knowledge in diverse areas, I ventured into self-employment: in 2005, I founded “CHINA AGENT”, and since then, have been working as a freelance trainer, manager, presenter and interpreter for the Chinese business of European companies, as well as for the European business of Chinese firms.

In addition, I am an “Intercultural Communication” tutor at the University of Applied Sciences, Munich.

My main focus is intercultural communication, staff development and marketing.
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