Intercultural Event Management

Nowhere is one so close to their target market or the contact exchange so intense, as at an event. Whether it is a business or cultural event, business-related or private party, we would gladly help you arrange your intercultural China/Asia event, using our experience, creativity and valuable network.

Our services cover the following areas:
  • Conception, design and organisation of your event, according to your wishes
  • Multilingual presentation for your event
  • Procurement of artists, speakers and interpreters
  • Sponsorship management, co-ordination of sponsors
  • Marketing your event through our network of contacts and distributors

Event Type:
  • General business event
  • Client event, promotional/marketing event
  • Staff event, business celebration
  • Asian festivals
  • Musical events
  • Art exhibitions
  • Cooking course
  • Corporate Christmas Party
  • Chinese New Year

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