Asia Seminar

Asia does not equal Asia!

Along with China, we also offer seminars for other Asian countries (Japan, South Korea, India etc.), in collaboration with professional partners and bi-national training teams. Therefore, not only do you have the opportunity of booking individual country modules, you also have the option of combining various country modules. We look forward to demonstrating the differences between Asian cultures.

  • Asia Seminar with individual country modules
    Each country-specific thematic block is led by its respective trainer individually, e.g. 1 day China & 1 day Japan, separately.

  • Asia Seminar with combined country modules
    The Asia Seminar is led by a bi-national team, with your chosen countries simultaneously, e.g. 1 day China & Japan.

  • Asia Seminar in general
    The general Asia Seminar does not focus on any particular country. Instead, you will gain an overview of Asian cultures.

Target Group:
European managers or individuals concerned with several Asian countries, rather than just one.

A choice of subject modules, by arrangement

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